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maple tree question

my tree has iron chlorosis and now the bark is starting to come off of the trunk is it time to take it down and start over or is there something more to help it out I have put magnees and Sprint on for 4 years at least around the base of the tree

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I'm not sure what the products are that you mention - I think magnees is probably magnesium, but have no idea what Sprint is. If these are products you are applying to the soil, it's not surprising you're not seeing results. Lack of magnesium does not cause chlorosis, manganese does. But when it is the limiting nutrient it needs to be applied via trunk injection to be effective.

Read through this publication for guidelines and methods for treating chlorosis. Chlorosis of Trees in Eastern Nebraska - />
The trunk damage is a separate issue, but is common on maples. Refer to the Sunscald section of this publication - />
Whether or not to keep the tree is something you'll need to decide. But these two problems are serious health concerns. Since the tree is still relatively young, at least in tree years, you could start again with a tree that is not prone to these problems and eliminate some headaches for you.
Sarah Browning
2020-04-23 11:27:38

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